Tuesday, December 06, 2005

the making of a poet...

To understand life, spend a few days in heaven
Fly, Glide, Float
Chase a cloud
Ride an elephant
Do a spice tour
Pick strawberries, cycle romantic trails
Trek deep dark forests
Embark on jungle safari
Talk to the mountain goat
Loose your heart to a wild flower
Surrender to the rejuvenating touch of nature
Visit the gods

And then, you are born anew…

A hundred musicians awake your spirit
Magical torches shed light on the unknown
Warriors flashing blades of steel ward of evil
Majestic elephants stand guard
Thousands wait with baited breath
Suddenly the music reaches a psychedelic crescendo
Giant spirits in astounding forms emerge

And then, you are blessed…

Step in watercolors by god
In a million shades of green
The endless backwaters meander
Lilies bloom, lotuses smile
Children play, coir women sing
Butterflies dance, fishes plop
Birds dive, elephants bathe
The wind whispers
Paddy fields prance
Bullock carts jingle
Ducks glide, boats sail
Life flows

And then, suddenly, you are a poet…

-Aseem Shakuntal