Monday, December 25, 2006

merry christmas

a poem i love:

samasya jeet yaa haar kee nahin,

samasya sirf janne kee hai.

naa hum krodh jante hai na kaam
naa bhog jante hai naa moksh
naa arjan jaante hain naa arpan..

humne naa kabhi pyaar kiya
naa swayam ko kabhi uss kabil banaya..

yahi agyaan hamari parajay hai..

janna hee jeetna hai
jeetna hee jeena hai
aur jeena hee usse pana hai..

andhere mein rassi saanp se dikhtee hai
kuch bhagte hain, kuch ladne kee taiyaari karte hain..

jo kareeb jaate hain, wahi sach jaan paate hain..

karna kuch nahin hai, sirf kareeb jana hai..

[the problem is not of success or failure. the problem is only of what we know.

neither we know anger, nor strength. neither "bhoga" nor "moksha".

we never loved anyone nor made us such that others could love us. this ignorance is our defeat. when you know something, you win and this winning is called life.

in darkness, even a rope seems like a snake. some people fight some run away from it. those who fight, come to know the truth.

so, the only thing to do is to fight, to go near "it" and let go all your fears! ]

Merry Christmas to all and lovely wishes for the upcoming new year!

-aseem shakuntal

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Autumn Storm said...

A very happy New year, Aseem, much happiness, x