Sunday, May 14, 2006


Indian Institue of Information Technology – Calcutta

It rawks.. isnt it?

Now that we have only a few days left at this divine institute, I mean, now that we (2002-2006 batch) are abt to complete our degree, due some more weeks, I, Aseem Shakuntal, a non inert being at IIIT-CALCUTTA would like to disturb its tranquility by remembering the good ol' times!

Those four funny, sleepy, tense, stupid at all golden years of our life..

I am sure a big bunch of memories come to our mind and leave a broad smile on our faces.

0800 hrs, Sep 23, 2002:

Every one waiting for his breakfast. Why? We had to go to college! I remember I was sitting besides Shashank with Bhatia on my right.

Hello, I am Aseem. Hi, I am Shashank!

And he became the first person I met @ IIIT-C

After our b'fast, everyone of us left for college, where in we had a tryst with SK DUTTA, who welcomed us at IIIT and then, raggin sessions.

Who can forget the special sessions at the GN-5 or the "GYAN NAGAR"

Dheere dheere semester exams aa gaye. I still remember when the HARAMI BODO came to me and asked to teach him "C". Phir kya tha, main gaya uske room mein, kuch der padhai hui, aur phir saare BODO ne mujhe bahut peeta tha.. kyu??? KHALEE FOKAT MASTEE!

Mera room, ROOM NO 1 @ NANDI VILLA, the un-announced dharamshala of hostel which housed me, prateek and salman along with FAIZA, ADDY, RISHI, SUKRIT, DUTTA, UJJWAL, ASHISH, PAKESH anytime round the clock! Woh raat bhar ek doosre ke room mein pade rehna, Rishi ka BODO log se maar khana, mere room mein phir poora paani gira dena, halla, antakshari..

meri aur amba kee larai, aur usme dutta ka pit jana!

ha ha ha!


those were the days..

Phir AQ-5, Megacity Flyover pe raat bhar ghumna, choron ko pakarne ke liye raat bhar ek hee pose mein baithe rehna, Harish ka poore CK market mein famous ho jana for the movie "BODY of EVIDENCE" by MADONNA, roj raat ko FINGERTIPS jana, 10 rupay kee coffee peena, aur ghanto waha AC mein baithna!

INSTI ke samne waale road pe raat mein baithna! Five Point Someone mein toh insti ke roof pe VODKA kee baat kahee gayee hai, lekin hum logon ne insti ke samne waale road pe chai peete hue jitnee mastee kee hoge uske kya kehne!

Phir hamara FEST, the ALGORHYTHM 2004.. kitna maraye the hum log! aur phir uska successful completion!

Back to Nandi with some of us missing.. din bhar cricket!

Yaad hai, FAIZA ke room mein jo humne waal painting kee the!

Poori IIIT ko uss painting mien yaad kiya gaya tha..

Oye faiza, yaad hai? ROTI, MUKKHAN aur MIXTURE??

Ashish, DAL aur GLUCON-D..

Anandam waali bhaujee..

Prateek, woh khargosh jaise ankhon waali.. yaad hai tujhe?

Kabhi kabhi hee college jana.. MALLIK SIR ke OS aur SAD ke class mein mera, faiza aur ujjwal ka last bench pe baith kar R-WORLD pe gana sunna.. aur jab sir aaye toh phir minix ka source code padhne ka natak karna... CHUMKI MAM ke lab classes.. LOPA mam se dar ke rehna.. REHMAN SIR ke class mein no tension, always PROXY.. LAB mein din bhar NETIYANA.. DIRECTOR MAM ke classes mein bhi masti karna.. MUHURI SIR ke networking KOUNCEPTS.. RAJU SIR ke JAVA classes, MITHUN sir ka WEB DESIGN!!

How we made fun of everything.. that divine DIGHA TRIP

yaar, ye din yaad rahenge..

hai naa..

At last, but not the leat, kuch aur likhna chahunga, about our ALMA MATER, the IIIT-C, in words of that under performer..

the first thing about leaving IIIT would be that I don’t have to attend those boring lectures anymore and no more classes! ahh.. That’s a good thing. But the bad thing is that I won’t be able to see my friends’ with the very start of my day, everyday!

I will miss my hostel.

I will have a new set of responsibilities but God, I will miss those days, coz yes, I may leave IIIT, but in a way, my soul still stays here..

Maybe in the hostel corridors of Nandi Villa or AQ-5 or the Book Board Building and every crazy thing that I did here.. whatever!! but to cherish!!

-Aseem Shakuntal

(an engineer, and an engineer by heart!)


Autumn Storm said...

Sounds like a heap of great memories that you will keep with you always, how wonderful is that!
Hey Aseem, hope you are doing well?!

Keshi said...

Happy Bday dude!

Came here from Autumn sweety's blog :)